Dream State Treasure - Released

My debut solo record, Dream State Treasure is released today. The album was actually finished just over a year ago now, and I’ve been quietly waiting all this time to be able to share it, and let it go. That’s a long time to think about how I feel about it and not being able to keep tweaking it. 

Rather than feeling frustration, these songs and the gratitude I have for being able to put them together in this album, have kept me real company in what was a very isolated year or so for a lot of us. 

I truly hope the album brings a fraction of the pleasure & comfort to others that it has for me since starting it. 

Sincere gratitude to these talented people for their contributions: 

Drums, additional recording & mixing Norm Block @ Happy Ending Studios 

Backing vocals Sharlotte Gibson 

Cello & String orchestration Christopher Votek 

Violin & Viola Marta Sofia Honer 

Additional guitar Brent Övar Bergholm 

Mastering Original Mastering 

Photography Yana Olegovna Yatsuk 

Cover art Olya Dyer 

The album was written, produced, recorded & mixed by myself with the amazing help of all of the above. 



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